With a new year comes a chance to start again – overriding old habits, making new resolutions, and making better decisions. While many of these resolutions involve trying to ingrain a new habit, but one thing on your to-do list you can simply tick off your list with one visit is your annual wellness exam.

    It can be tempting to put this off, but getting a clean bill of health is just what you need to have a successful new year. Here’s why it’s so important to schedule your annual wellness exam now.

    Why do I need to book my wellness exam in the new year?

    Here are five important reasons you should schedule your yearly wellness exam:

    1. Having an annual check-up allows you to track your health from year to year. You can speak with your doctor about how to improve your health and establish a plan if necessary. Your doctor will look through your medical history and any medications you’re on. They’ll note your blood pressure, height, and weight, check for any cognitive impairment and get a good general look at the state of your health. Next year, you and your doctor can look at your health compared to this year and assess whether anything has changed.
    2. You’ll have a better chance of detecting and preventing diseases early. Your wellness visit will focus on immunization, screenings, and other important preventive services so that nothing takes you by surprise. The more time you give yourself, the better equipped you’ll be if something unexpected comes up. This may seem like a daunting prospect, but it’s far safer to preempt health issues than to wait until it’s too late.
    3. You can share important medical information with your doctor so they can assess your risk of catching certain hereditary illnesses. By keeping your doctor informed about your family health history, you’re giving them a good chance at understanding your chances of becoming sick.
    4. A yearly wellness check-up often includes relevant vaccinations. If you book an annual exam, you will receive your scheduled vaccinations during this time. Flu shots and booster jabs will protect you against illness as the seasons change. Your doctor may suggest other vaccines depending on your medical history, overall health, age, and gender.
    5. It’s a great way to get a medical professional’s opinion on your lifestyle. While it might feel strange to divulge so much personal information to your doctor, it can help them establish whether you are eating well, sleeping enough, and getting sufficient exercise. If there are areas in which you could improve, such as sleep, diet, alcohol intake, and cardiovascular health, your doctor will advise you on how to take better care of yourself.

    Book Your Annual Wellness Exam in Prescott Today

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