The global pandemic has garnered a lot of attention from people globally. The impact of the deadly Coronavirus has been felt by nations all over the world. The impact of the deadly virus made the healthcare fraternity stagger drawing a lot of attention globally.  The coronavirus is inevitably on everyone’s mind considering the soaring infection rates, hospitalization, and even mortality. 

    The coronavirus is unavoidably on everyone’s mind given the escalating infection rates, hospitalizations, and even fatalities. Nevertheless, this year’s influenza breakout in the United States is actually more severe than the havoc the coronavirus had caused.

    In the other words, the US was dealing with a severe outbreak of flu season that has accounted for thousands of deaths.  According to the JAMA network around 6,000 people died because of influenza related complications this year. 

    While the COVID-19 pandemic should not be overlooked, it’s critical to ensure we are also paying attention to the information available about influenza in the US. Read on to distinguish among the two, 

    Influenza and Coronavirus: A Comparison

    Although the coronavirus is a pandemic that cannot be avoided. However, the pandemic doesn’t change or the fact that the United States is witnessing a relatively severe influenza season. According to the CDC, around 29 million people in the United States got infected with influenza.

    It does not suggest that the COVID-19 outbreak should not be our prime concern. The 55 US states which reported the cases include the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Marianas, and the US Virgin Islands), around 6,593 people lost their lives owing to this infection. Although the number continues to rise, the flu has created a fear among people. 

    Additionally, according to state health agencies’ reports to the CDC, they anticipated at least 13 million doctor visits, 280,000 hospitalisations, 16,000 fatalities, and at least 105 pediatric influenza-related deaths.

    The 2019–2020 influenza season was described as being relatively severe at the time of publishing of this article, with a sizable number of sick persons, hospital admissions, and fatalities. Additionally, this season has proven to be particularly harsh on kids, as evidenced by the shockingly high rates of pediatric hospitalization.

    How Can COVID-19 and Influenza Be Prevented From Being Caught and Spread?

    Currently, getting the flu shot each year, avoiding ill individuals (particularly those who are showing signs like coughing), and washing your hands often are the greatest measures to prevent contracting and transmitting influenza.

    Regarding the coronavirus, the CDC now suggests using a mask when going outside. Additionally, avoid sick individuals, stay home if you feel sick, wash your hands frequently, and thoroughly. Of course, you should also abide by any local or state laws about social seclusion.


    Although coronavirus has raised an alarm across the globe the silently penetrating influenza virus has created havoc in the US. Living in a place where two viral infections are causing death can be scary especially when they are easily transmissible. However by taking appropriate care one can prevent from getting infected with the virus.

    Also, one must ensure to get a shot of influenza vaccine to prevent developing fatal complications of the virus.